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Unique eats found amongst the Smokies…

Ever go on vacation and just want to explore and experience the different cuisine your particular destination may have to offer? I do! I love trying new fan fares and the amazingness that cultivates from different regions all into one place….My vacation destination.

Restaurants are a must no matter where you go. Trying to find that “Great one” or the local favorite can sometimes be a daunting task. I have been there many many times. Even as a local of Gatlinburg, I still am able to find myself various greatness here with the help of other locals of course. I am going to give you the cheat sheet to some of my favorite off the wall, and down right different “Great” places to eat in the Smoky Mountains.

Empanadas1. Smokies Cuban Cafe – Located in Pigeon Forge across the street from the Jaws shop – The first time I found this place I had parked my car at Patriot park and was walking to see the cars for one of our many car shows. The Cuban Cafe is nestled in a small little strip mall between 2 other shops and easy to miss. There is not much seating, maybe 6 tables or so. The food here makes up for everything else. They defiantly didn’t miss the mark there. The empanadas are my favorite!! This is a must try when in town.

New Orleans Sandwich Co - Gatlinburg2. New Orleans Sandwich Co. – Baskins Square downtown Gatlinburg – Located in the rear of the corridor, this place is also fairly small but with great atmosphere and again even better food. The man whom owns this fine establishment is from New Orleans and cooks everything traditionally and authentically. Make sure your hungry when you choose to eat here, portions are big and extremely delicious. I always get the Tchoupitoulas Chicken. I am not sure how to say it, but it doesn’t matter when I start eating it.


Lobster Pie - Wild Plum Tea Room, Gatlinburg3. Wild Plum Tea Room – Buckhorn Road in the Arts and Crafts loop – Although everything about this name screams feminine, the food here is decadent and inspiring. For 31 seasons the Tea Room as served only lunch from 11-3 Monday Thru Saturday. Their lunch specials include greatness like Lobster pie. With full size lobster claw in every bowl, this is a dish to be savored. All homemade and with great pride, the Wild Plum Tea Room is a must do of the Smokies.

Although there are a few more amazing unique places that I want to share with you (Which I will do in another blog post) my last unique greatness is an odd choice if you ask me…

4. Dick’s Last Resort – Gatlinburg and the Island in Pigeon Forge – Although this is a franchise, the food here is surprisingly good. The service does come with a lot of sarcasm and that is by its self unique. For an appetizer I suggest the alligator bites. This is something of a favorite of mine and I have yet to find it at any other restaurant in the Smokies. Because Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge are  family orientated this is extremely kid friendly and a great place to visit.  You will be sure to leave with a smile on your face!

Dick's Last Resort

I hope you get out and try one of these amazing great unique places found amongst the hills and hamburgers of the Great Smoky Mountains.