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What’s Wears Valley Road?

Recently I traveled from Gatlinburg through Pigeon Forge onto Wears Valley Road to go to Maryville.  Even though my travels have taken me into Gatlinburg and through Pigeon Forge on a regular basis being a local, I found myself in an odd world traveling down this road I thought I knew fairly well being that I traveled it a number of times in the past.  I was mistaken.  I was in awe of the great advances that have become and are spreading beyond the 6 lanes through Pigeon Forge.  Wears Valley Road is host to a different kind of tourism than what I am use to seeing.   Yes there is still shopping, this is of the antique or flea market type of shopping.  The Strip is known for Go Karts, Arcades, and Mini Golf.  Wears Valley has The Alpine Coaster, Goats on a Roof, BBQ joints and more.